API610 VS3  single or multistage vertical slanting pump
  • API610 VS3  single or multistage vertical slanting pump

API610 VS3 single or multistage vertical slanting pump


The range of parameters;

Temperature : -50℃:

Pressure  :-1.6MPa

Capacity :30 ~ 25000m3/h

Head   :7 ~ 106m

Application scope

Mainly used in oil refineries, petrochemical, coal chemical, condensate pumping, gas engineering, power plant, cryogenic engineering, pipeline pressure, environmental protection engineering, water desalination, Seawater Lift, water treatment, water supply, drainage system, offshore platform for industry, oil and other fields. For large flow, low lift structure pump, suitable for transportation of sea water, river water, cooling water, sewage, crude oil and other media.

Structural characteristics

The pump is a single or multistage vertical slanting pump. Pump for the vertical installation, the suction outlet extending vertically downwards, level; rotor parts are withdrawable and withdrawable two; pump axial force by the motor bearing, also can be designed to bear by the pump itself; the guide bearing pump is generally filled PTFE, rubber or ceron bearing, also other users can be selected according to bearing material requirements; the pump shaft is provided with a protective sleeve, through cleaning pressure water for lubrication and cooling guide bearing.

All arrangement and system of API682 can be selected. From the driver side, the pump is rotated clockwise and can be made according to the requirements of the customer.

- material

The main materials are: 20#, 16Mn, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 904, 904L, CD4MCu and so on.

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