Imposed Circulating Pump
  • Imposed Circulating Pump
  • Imposed Circulating Pump
  • Imposed Circulating Pump
  • Imposed Circulating Pump
  • Imposed Circulating Pump

Imposed Circulating Pump

★ Instruction

SOW series imposed-circulating pump is designed by GB/T13008-1992

and developed by ourselves referring to the advanced pump product home and abroad according to the features of alkali, salt, citric acid and Na2So4 industries. The series of products have been recognized since 1996 when it was brought into the market.

★ Performance

—Flow                                Q: up to 30000m³/h

—Pressure                          P: up to 1.6MPa

—Head                               H: up to 10m

—Temperature                   T: up to 180°c

★ Applications

Mainly applied in the imposed circulation of Various of crystable saturated solution in the course of evaporation/concentration in alkali, salt, citric acid and Na2S04manufacture industries.

★ Features

SOW imposed circulation pump has two kinds structures one is typically applicable for the installation supported by ground . It has axial suction and radial discharge. In order to repair easily, the rotation part s composed by impeller shaft can be drawn from pump casing. The re is no need to disassemble the suction and discharge piping. The other is half-suspending structure applicable for the pump part suspending on the piping and the motor installed on the ground. In order to reduce the w eight of the part suspending, front-open structure is taken.

The impeller of the imposed circulation pump locate s in the impeller housing which clearance can be adjusted according to impeller's factual location in order to ensure the impeller clearance locate in the optimal location and improve the operation efficiency.

There are two seal structures: double-action stuffing box (operation stuffing seal and shutdown stuffing seal are respectively assembled) and double end cartridge mechanical sea l (which is propitious to seal's assembly& disassembly).

Bearing is lubricated by oil with a cooling device to cool the oil so that the operation environment of the bearing can be changed .

The performance of the pump can be adjusted by changing impeller's emplacement angle and pump speed according to technology requirement to satisfy different evaporation device.

The parts contacting with the fluid are made of 304, 304L, 316, 316L and 804 etc material. 22 types of material can be selected in our plant, which is as per different medium.

★ Introduction

The SOM series pump is single-stage and single suction overhung centrifugal pump that applied in the neutral or caustic liquid with solid which is high flow and low head.

SOM mixed-flow pumps conform to GB/T 13008 standard Performance.

—Flow                         Q : up to ~8000 m³/h

—Head                        H : up to  ~25m

—Pressure                   P  : up to  ~0.6MPa

—Temperature            T  :  -20~+155℃

★ Applications

—The imposed circulation in chemical industry process

—Sea water culture and desalt .    —The gas project in the city.

—Water treatment system .           —Paper-making industry.

★ Features

High efficiency low energy loss.

The pump energy consumption. is evenly within the performance limit, it could startup under closed valve condition, so the motor could not overload.

The large wetted section; not plugged easily.

The firmly structure and long running  life.

★ The Horizontal Structure (SOM)

The pump is pull out structure, the casing has not to be dismantled from connecting pipeline during maintaining The shaft is produced precisely. and the bearing with oil, lubricating, the protective shaft  is installed in packing housing, the oil level could be controlled by constant level oiler bearing housing.

★ Vertical Structure (SOMV)

The pump structure is compact, and the covering area is small, it is conveniently for installing the motor is connected with casing by vertical housing it is not necessary to dismantle the pipeline using the grease to lubricate.

The support foot is cast on casing. which could stand the load from pipeline, and transmitting it to the base plate, so the rotor could not bend for pump loading therefore the bearing is guaranteed for  long life.

In order to vent for suction pipe conveniently the complete vent device is equipped on pump.

The pump rotation direction: it is CW viewing from the driving end.

The power: adopting motor or gas engine.

In order to drain conveniently for suction pipeline, the completely drain equipment could be installed on setting.

★ Seal Type

The packing or single and double end mechanical seal.

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