Single Stage End Suction Pump
  • Single Stage End Suction Pump
  • Single Stage End Suction Pump
  • Single Stage End Suction Pump
  • Single Stage End Suction Pump
  • Single Stage End Suction Pump

Single Stage End Suction Pump

Single Stage End Suction Pump


 Product Description 

Single Stage Clarified Water End Suction Centrifugal Irrigation Pump Description


QI series pump is single-stage , single-suction centrifugal pump , designed as per the interational standard ISO2858 . It is a replacement of type BA water pump which is applicable to industrial and urban water supply and discharge as well as the agriculture irrigation . It can be used to transport liquid which have physical and chemical properties similar to clean water with a temperature not exceeding 80°C.
 IH type motor drive chemical pump designed for transferingchemical liquid, oil, petrochemical  industry, metallurgy, light industry, printing dyeing, pharmaceutics, environment protect, seawater desalt, paper making, food and etc .industrial departments to transport corrosive medium without suspended grain or medium.


IndustryPlumbing Applications
GeneralwatersupplyCirculation of HVAC building systems,water booster service,
boilerfeed,general circulation service and more.
Agriculture/Food/BeverageIrrigation,water supply,food processing,beverage processing
ManufacturingPulp and paperfans,plastic&rubber,metal&steel,
Utilities:Water/WastewaterPower Generation stations,dewatering,desalination,
energy recovery turbines
ethylene glycol pumping.

1.Water supply system; Heat, air condition system

2.Clean,thin,non-corrosive,non-flammable or non-explosive liquid without grain or fiber
3.Booster, constant pressure water supply
4.Firefighting, splitting system, farming irrigation/drainage
5.Industry cooling, heater circulation system; Industry transferring, drain system
The QI Irrigation Water Pump is widely used for clean water, sea water, lake water when for irrigation. There are different material for the pump parts for different liquid pumped:

No.CountryCast ironDuctile IronStainless Steel 304Stainless Steel 316



We could also do all kinds of special materials like bronze (brass), duplex stainless steel pump and parts for special application.

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