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How To Balance The Axial Thrust Of A Multistage Centrifugal Pump?

Released on Jul. 28, 2018

The Vertical Long Shaft Pump Supplier introduces some Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump axial thrust balance method

1. Impeller symmetric arrangement

2. Use a balance plate.

In the first method, the inflow directions of the two sets of impellers are mounted on the shaft in opposite directions, and the axial thrusts cancel each other. Symmetrical multi-stage pumps are mostly volute pumps. In order to pump water from one stage to another, a conduit is provided on the pump casing.

Method 2 is used on a segmented multistage pump. The function of the flat disc is that the pressurized water coming out of the final impeller flows into the water chamber d in front of the balance disc through the radial gap of the adjusting sleeve, and the chamber d is in a high pressure state. A balance tube is connected to the pump inlet after the balance disc, and the pressure is approximately the inlet pressure. In this way, the pressure on both sides of the balance disc is not equal, and thus a backward axial thrust, that is, a balance force, is generated. The axial thrust of the impeller is automatically balanced. When the axial thrust of the impeller is greater than the balance force on the balance plate, the pump rotor will move to the inlet side, and due to the inertia, the movement will not immediately stop at the equilibrium position, but exceed the limit. The axial clearance of the sealing surface of the balance disc is excessively reduced, the leakage amount is reduced, and the pressure in the chamber A is increased, so that the balance force on the balance disc is increased, and the axial thrust of the impeller is exceeded, and the rotor is pulled toward the outlet side again. In the same process, there is inertia, which causes the axial gap of the balance disc to increase excessively, causing the balance force to be smaller than the axial thrust, and the rotor moves to the inlet side again, repeating the above process. This process is automatic. When the pump is working, the rotor is always axially swaying at a certain equilibrium position. However, the amount of movement is extremely small, which is difficult to see from the appearance.

Multi-stage Centrifugal Pump

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