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Daily Maintenance Of Boiler Feed Pump

Released on Sep. 16, 2018

The Boiler Feed Pump is the key to the safe and stable operation of the boiler system. It is an important part of the boiler automatic level control system designed and constructed by using modern automatic control technology. At present, China has more than 400,000 boilers, most of which are industrial boilers and power plant boiler systems, a small part of which is used in residential baths and other commercial areas. The stable operation of feed pump is the basis of boiler operation, which is an important part of modern boiler level control system. Once the feedwater pump failures will seriously endanger the operation of the boiler safety, serious will also lead to major accidents. Therefore, it has become an important task for modern boiler maintenance department to strengthen the daily maintenance and maintenance of boiler feed pump.

Failure analysis of boiler feed water pump

The feedwater pump system of modern large-scale boiler is composed of several feedwater pumps, mainly two or three starting feedwater pumps, and one or two Single Stage Horizontal Centrifugal Pump are used as backup or auxiliary. Such a feed pump configuration is conducive to the main feedwater pump system failures or can not meet the needs of boiler operation, startup of the backup feed pump system to supplement inadequate, to avoid boiler shutdown caused by feedwater pump failure. Common boiler feed pump faults mainly concentrated in lubricating oil system, wind protection system, speed control system, auxiliary motor overheating and insufficient flow and so on. Through the scientific analysis and fault causes to find the basis of troubleshooting and solving the boiler feed pump fault, only for troubleshooting the causes of the same type of fault to avoid recurrence. The causes and elimination of different fault types are discussed below.

Boiler Feed Pump

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