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What Are The Causes Of Low Lubricating Oil Pressure In Boiler Feed Pump?

Released on Feb. 15, 2019

Low oil pressure is estimated to be a problem of oil pumps, but also related pipelines and valves. In addition, filters and oil coolers can not be excluded. Finally, the oil inlet of the bearing of boiler feed water pump should be confirmed. Horizontal Multistage Water Pump Supplier should see whether the static and dynamic clearance is normal, and whether the oil inlet is normal!?

Reasons for low lubricating oil pressure of Boiler Feed Pump may be as follows:

There is leakage in lubricating oil system. Insufficient sealing of pipeline flange, loosening of flange bolt and leakage of pipeline weld will lead to leakage of oil system. Especially in the feed pump group of the coupling boiler, some lubricating oil pipelines are inside the box body. If leakage occurs, it is not easy to find out.

Internal leakage of overpressure valve. Each pump set is equipped with an overpressure valve to keep the lubricating oil pressure within a horizontal value and avoid overpressure of the oil system. If the overpressure valve leaks, it will release the pressure of the lubricating oil system, and also cause low lubricating pressure.

The output of gear oil pump is insufficient. Gear oil pump is the core component of the coupling. If there is blockage in the inlet and outlet or seal is not strict, it can also lead to low oil pressure.

The lubricating oil intake of each bearing of the boiler feed water pump group is unevenly distributed. The pressure relief of the lubricating oil system at the bearing makes the oil pressure on the low side.

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