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Analysis Of The Causes Of Submersible Pump Burnout

Released on Aug. 16, 2018

The Submersible Water Pump is a one-piece pump with coaxial motor and impeller. The submersible pump is divided into single-stage ordinary submersible pump, multi-stage submersible pump, submersible sewage pump and Submersible Deep Well Pump. The submersible pump is characterized by heat dissipation method and common The centrifugal pump is different, and the whole pump must be immersed in the water, otherwise it will not be able to dissipate heat and burn the motor. In addition, this paper combines the summary of the technical department of Changsha Sanchang Pump Co., Ltd. to summarize the following 8 points that may cause the submersible pump motor to burn out.

 1. The grounding wire is connected to the wrong power supply. There are four cores in the cable of the submersible pump. Be careful not to connect the grounding wire as a power cord.

 2. The submersible pump is damaged by mechanical seal and leaks. Frequently check the insulation resistance of the submersible pump with a megohmmeter. If the maintenance resistance is reduced when the insulation resistance is reduced, the motor will not burn out.

 3. The water is broken after the cable is broken. Always check the insulation resistance of the submersible pump.

 4. The impeller is stuck. When the impeller is stuck and does not move, the current increases more than the rated value. After a long time, the stator winding of the submersible pump will burn off quickly.

 5. Both ends of the stator winding touch the outer casing and the winding penetrates to the ground.

 6. Submersible pumps are “on” and “stopped” too frequently.

 7. The dehydration operation time of the submersible pump is too long. The dehydration operation time of the submersible pump can only be about 1 minute. For a long time, the temperature of the electric pump rises due to poor heat dissipation.

 8, lack of phase work. In the absence of phase operation, the submersible pump is generally in a braking state, and the current is much larger than the rated value. At this time, the temperature of the winding of the submersible pump rises, and the stator winding is burned out for a long time.

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