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Centrifugal Pump Watering Problem

Released on Jul. 04, 2018

If the position of the centrifugal pump product is higher than the water level when using it, in this case, the bottom of the suction pipe of the Single Suction Horizontal Centrifugal Pump must be installed with a bottom valve to prevent water from flowing back to the pool, which is horizontal before each use of the centrifugal pump. The centrifugal pump and the inlet pipe can be operated after being filled with water. In the process of use, it is inevitable that the centrifugal pump will not be filled with water. What are the reasons for the centrifugal pump not being filled with water? Please refer to the following reasons for the centrifugal pump plus water by Vertical Long Shaft Pump Supplier:

1. Since the bottom valve is immersed in the bottom of the pool for a long time, the bottom valve of the horizontal centrifugal pump may be damaged or the seal is not tight due to the corrosiveness of the liquid or other reasons. The bottom valve should be removed for repair or replacement. New centrifugal pump bottom valve.

2. The valve of the bottom valve containing the debris inside the liquid is blocked by the sundries, which causes the bottom valve to be tightly sealed. This is also the reason why the centrifugal pump is not full of water.

3. The centrifugal pump is not full of water due to the reason that the inlet pipe of the centrifugal pump is not tightly sealed or the pipe joint is not tightly sealed.

4. If the centrifugal bolt of the centrifugal pump is not tightened and the centrifugal pump is not full of water, the drain bolt should be tightened.

5. Another reason that few people have learned is that there is a large amount of water in the outlet pipe of the horizontal centrifugal pump. When the water is filled in the water inlet pipe, the air cannot be discharged. This is also the centrifugal pump plus the water. the reason.

Single Suction Horizontal Centrifugal Pump

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