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Introduction To Chemical Pump

Released on Apr. 08, 2019

What is a chemical pump?

Slurry Pumps manufacturer tells you that pump is used to transport liquid and improve the pressure of the machine.Chemical pump is a general term, and chemical pump refers to the special requirements of chemical production:

(1)Can meet the requirements of chemical process.

(2)The temperature resistance, low temperature.

(3)Self is corrosion resistant.

(4)Of wear and tear.

(5)it shall be no leakage or less leakage.

(6) can transport liquids in a critical state.

The reliable operation of the pointer is mainly for the characteristics of the medium, generally can improve the pump product through the change of material or other structure, in addition to the pure water of all chemicals caused by the corrosion requirements, this kind of pump is known as the chemical pump.

                                                     chemical pump

II What is the use of chemical pumps?

Widely used in industry, urban water supply, drainage, wastewater treatment, for the transport of water or physical and chemical properties of other liquids.

III Start and operation of Chemical Pump

1. Before starting the pump, fill the pump with liquid to be delivered (if the pump is suction), close the outlet gate valve and connect the power supply.

2. Turn on the power and check whether the pump is turning correctly.

3. The unit will be tested for 5-10 minutes, and can be put into operation if there is no abnormal phenomenon.

4. When the machine is stopped, the gate valve at the exit should be closed before cutting off the power.

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