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Common Fault Treatment Methods of Mixed Flow Pump

Released on Jun. 09, 2018

Mastering some troubleshooting methods for mixed flow pumps not only improves the working efficiency of the mixed flow pumps, but also extends the service life of the mixed flow pumps. Here, we, mixed flow pumps manufacturer, have listed the following six kinds of common fault handling methods for mixed-flow pumps for you, and we hope to help you.

Water pump troubleshooting and troubleshooting techniques include:

Mixed Flow Pump

Fault 1, pump stuck

Treatment method: Check the coupling by hand and disassemble it when necessary to eliminate some static and dynamic failures.

Fault 2, the pump is not drained, the pump is insufficient (or the gas in the pump is not exhausted).

Treatment method: refill the pump;

Failure 3, the pump steering is wrong

Processing method: check the direction of rotation;

Fault 4, pump speed is too low

Processing method: check the speed, increase the speed;

Fault 5, filter plug

Bottom valve is not working. Treatment method: check the filter to eliminate debris;

Fault 6, suction height is too high, or suction tank vacuum

Treatment method: reduce the suction height; check the suction tank pressure.

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