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How To Choose Desulfurization Pump?

Released on Mar. 21, 2019

How To Choose Desulfurization Pump?

Sulfuric acid, oil colorless liquid, has a strong corrosive, relative density 1.84 g/cm3, at 337 ℃ can be arbitrary proportion miscibility with water and release large amounts of heat energy, water boiling. Sulphur trioxide sulfate heated to 290 ℃ begins to release. If sulfuric acid in the transport process leakage, is the most headache for many chemical enterprises. So the selection of corrosion resistance and leakage of fluid equipment is the key, comprehensive consideration, fluoroplastic magnetic pump is undoubtedly the best choice.

In terms of chemical properties, 98% sulfuric acid is basically no different from pure sulfuric acid in acidity, pure sulfuric acid is still very acidic. Heated to 290 ℃ decomposition relinquished some sulphur trioxide, the boiling point of 338 ° C; The fuming sulfuric acid in the solution of sulfur trioxide is a super acid system, which is more acidic than pure sulfuric acid.

Desulfurization Pump selection according to the density of sulfuric acid different pump configuration.

(1) if the specific gravity is below 1.0 ~ 2.0kg/m3, fluorine-lined magnetic pump (CQB) is recommended;

(2) the specific gravity is under 1.3kg/m3, the motor power standard configuration does not need to increase the power;

(3) When the specific gravity is greater than 1.3kg/m3, the supporting motor needs to calculate the actual shaft power of the pump, and the supporting power motor is a large number;

(4) in the selection of fluorine lined magnetic pump, sulfuric acid can not contain a large number of particles, the company's r & d and production of sulfuric acid pump can transport particles in 5-8% or so;

(5) dilute sulfuric acid can choose high polymer, fluorine plastic centrifugal pump, mechanical seal choose hard grinding material, extend the service life;

(6) negative pressure conditions can be achieved by adding siphon bucket (negative pressure tank). Specific working conditions are specific to treat, e.g., hydrochloric acid pump, phosphoric acid pump, alkali pump and so on.

Desulfurization Pump

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