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The Sealing Of The Desulfurization Pump Is Very Important

Released on Sep. 20, 2018

The application of Desulfurization Pumps is very much, and the medium to be transported is also more and more extensive, which plays a big role in the transportation of many corrosive substances. The sealing of the desulfurization pump is very important. Once the seal fails, the leakage will directly cause environmental pollution or threaten human life. In order to solve the sealing problem of the desulfurization pump, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of the sealing form.The following Slurry Pump Manufacturer will explain briefly for everyone.

According to the different working conditions of the user. Because of the advantages and disadvantages of the three types of seals, packing seals, mechanical seals, and impeller seals. The most common form of desulfurization pump is a packing seal. Adequate contact with the packing and shaft to prevent the passage of the conveying medium to achieve the purpose of sealing. This type of seal may cause corrosion to the filler when transporting corrosive materials, so the disadvantage of this type of seal is that it does not transport toxic, corrosive liquids.

The moving ring and the static ring of the mechanical seal are closely contacted by the spring in the axial direction to achieve the seal, the mechanical seal is reliable, and there is no leakage, but the friction surface should be protected during installation to avoid wear. The seal is mainly suitable for conveying inflammable, explosive, high temperature, High pressure, highly corrosive liquid to compensate for the lack of packing seals. The impeller seal is caused by the force of the impeller acting on the reverse centrifugal force to prevent the liquid from escaping. The shaft seal of the impeller does not need to seal the water without diluting the slurry. If the slurry does not allow dilution, a seal can be considered.

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