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Method Of Improving Operation Efficiency Of Desulfurization Pump

Released on Nov. 24, 2018

Desulfurization Pump can be used in corrosive environment, but after long-term operation, the efficiency is reduced, which is a normal phenomenon. But sometimes this phenomenon can be avoided. What are the methods to improve the operation efficiency of desulfurization pump?

The volume loss of desulfurization pump is also called leakage loss, which includes three kinds of leakage losses: impeller seal ring, interstage and axial force balance mechanism. Volume efficiency is not only related to design and manufacturing, but also to post-management. After a certain period of continuous operation of the pump, the clearance increases and the volumetric efficiency decreases due to friction between the components. The operation of desulfurization pump should pay attention not to be lower than the rated working condition of the pump, otherwise the efficiency will be reduced and the energy consumption will be high.

The operation efficiency of desulfurization pump is related to many factors, such as the design and manufacture of pump, the selection of material, the selection of motor equipment and so on. In addition, attention should be paid to the maintenance of desulfurization pump so as to improve the use efficiency of pump.

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