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Desulfurization Pump Performance Determines Sales

Released on Dec. 03, 2018

Do you know? The performance of Desulfurization Pump determines its sales. Why? Let Desulfurization Pump Supplier have a look at it with interested friends.

1. Corrosion resistance, wear resistance, multi-purpose pump, acid-base clear liquid slurry are applicable.

2. Sealing: K-type dynamic seal, K1-type dynamic seal, T-type filler seal, T1-type filler seal, C3-type non-standard seal.

3. Separate impeller and closed impeller can be selected according to the medium condition.

4. The desulfurization pump body is made of steel-lined UHMWPE with lining thickness of 8-20 mm. Compared with other similar pumps, the accessible desulfurization pump has the advantages of good thermal deformation resistance, crack resistance, anti-shedding and high temperature.

5. Applicable media: sulfuric acid below 80%, nitric acid below 50%, hydrochloric acid of various concentrations, liquid alkali, both clear liquid and slurry.

6. Main technical parameters: the operating temperature of desulfurization pump is - 20 ~90 C (using modified material can be raised to over 100 C), the import diameter is 32mm~350mm, the flow rate is 5~2600m3/h, and the lift is less than 80m.

Desulfurization Pump

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