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Effect Of Impeller On Performance Of Desulfurization Pump

Released on Dec. 06, 2018

According to the relevant explicit regulations of the Ministry of Industry, the major thermal power plants in China must increase desulfurization efforts, instead of the requirements before 2009. The new regulations mainly focus on energy saving (reducing the electric current of Desulfurization Pump units, in order to achieve the goal of reducing the common power consumption in the plant) to ensure that in any working condition. Next, we must meet the national requirements for desulfurization efficiency, that is, the desulfurization efficiency of power plants must be maintained at more than 90%. In actual operation, the normal load of the power plant is due to fluctuation. When the motor increases the load, the desulfurization efficiency will be reduced. If the desulfurization efficiency is reduced to less than 90%, the economic loss of the power plant will be caused. Therefore, the design of circulating desulfurization pump should meet the unit load demand, maintain the rated flow rate at the same time, but also ensure that the desulfurization efficiency is maintained at more than 90% under heavy load.

The specific speed of desulfurization pump is between Single-stage Centrifugal Pump and axial flow pump, and the specific speed N ranges from 300 to 600. The flow rate of desulfurization pump is larger than that of centrifugal pump, smaller than that of axial flow pump, and the head is lower than that of centrifugal pump, but higher than that of axial flow pump. The medium conveyed by circulating desulfurization pump in power plant is mainly a mixture of calcium carbonate limestone particles and water, which is a two-phase flow liquid. The particularity of the conveying medium is very complex to the flow of the pump body. The flow instability of the two-phase flow liquid makes it difficult to grasp the data. Therefore, the hydraulic design of mortar pump is still in the semi-experimental, semi-theoretical and practical stage. Testing and certification, depending on the old experience stage, seriously affects the performance of the pump. Because of the unreasonable selection, insufficient output and serious wear and tear in operation, it is of great significance to study the type selection and design of desulfurization pump. The selection of circulating desulfurization pump includes the study of hydraulic design of all flow passage components (including impeller and volute). Basing on the single-phase flow theory, the mechanism and mode of the effect of various factors on the performance of the pump are studied, and the data of head-flow curve, efficiency-flow curve, flow rule and wear degree of the pump are grasped, so as to know its influence on the performance of the pump. In fact, fluoroplastic pumps, fluoroplastic magnetic pumps, stainless steel centrifugal pumps are the same.

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