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Can The DT Type Desulfurization Pump Deliver Limestone Slurry?

Released on Dec. 26, 2018

DT type Desulfurization Pump is a kind of pump valve product which is more common, and it is also a kind of equipment with strong corrosion resistance. When it comes to transfer pumps, many people think of it because it can be used in many fields and in many working conditions, especially in some environments where the environment is more difficult and the use of more difficult conditions can highlight its advantages.

Many people like to know that DT-type desulfurization pump can transport medium such as limestone pulp? The Desulfurization Pump Supplier introduction says of course.

The DT type desulfurization pump is a cantilever single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump designed for the transport of corrosive media containing fine particles. The pump is made of steel-lined ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene. The pump uses corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant engineering plastics. The outstanding advantage is that it has the best wear resistance, impact resistance (especially low temperature impact resistance), creep resistance (resistance to environmental stress cracking) in all plastics. Excellent corrosion resistance. So it is better to transport limestone pulp or some other corrosive medium.

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