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Which Parts Of The Desulfurization Pump Need To Be Heavily Maintained?

Released on Oct. 09, 2018

Desulfurization Pumps are often used in some harsh environments, and the medium to be transported is often various high and low concentrations of acid and alkali liquid, corrosive liquids, etc., so the desulfurization pump should be regularly maintained after use. Improve the service life of the desulfurization pump. So which parts of the desulfurization pump need to be carefully maintained?

Then at this time China Desulfurization Pumps Supplier need to understand the structure of the desulfurization pump. The main structural components of the desulfurization pump are shaft seal and impeller bearing. The maintenance method for each component is:

1. Shaft seal part:

Packing shaft seal pump needs to regularly check the sealing water pressure and water volume. Always keep a small amount of clean water flowing along the shaft. Regularly adjust the packing gland, check and regularly replace the packing. The shaft seal water pressure and water volume should meet the shaft seal inspection requirements.

2. Impeller part:

In order to make the pump run efficiently, the gap between the impeller and the front guard plate must be adjusted in time. When adjusting the impeller clearance, the pump should be stopped first, the bolts of the compression bearing box should be loosened, and the adjusting nut should be loosened to move the bearing assembly forward. The rotating shaft rotates in the rotation direction of the pump until the impeller and the front guard plate are rubbed, and then the adjusting bolt is used to move the rotor backward, and the moving gap is recorded before and after, and is evenly distributed between the front and rear guard plates of the impeller to reach the impeller and the front guard plate. The gap between the rear guards is equal.

3, the bearing needs lubrication:

When the bearing assembly is assembled, if the assembly is correct, the amount of lubricating oil is appropriate, the repair is timely, and the transportation life will be longer. Therefore, the maintenance personnel should regularly inspect the bearing assembly, check the condition of the bearing and the lubricating oil, and regularly add or replace the lubricating oil during the operation, and add the lubricating oil reasonably and timely.

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