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How Does The Desulfurization Pump Perform Maintenance Work On The Shaft Seal Part?

Released on Nov. 07, 2018

The Desulfurization Pumps is a very good corrosion-resistant pump. It is not only resistant to corrosion in materials, but also has a very reasonable design structure. It is very suitable for use in some harsh environments. For example, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, dye factories, sewage treatment plants, and so on.

We all know that there are several major parts of the desulfurization pump, generally the pump head part, the transmission part, the impeller part, and the shaft seal part. In fact, the shaft seal part is very important. Many pumps have the phenomenon of running and dripping, which causes great pollution to the production environment, and may cause more serious consequences in harsh environments. So today, in the promotion of civilized enterprises, this easy-to-leak shaft seal is becoming more and more unseen. Then the shaft seal used in the desulfurization pump has made a great breakthrough in this respect, and there will be no more dripping and the like, and the sealing performance is very good.

So how can we maintain the shaft seal part? Desulfurization Pumps Supplier  teach you a few tricks:

For shaft seal pumps, it is generally necessary to regularly check the seal water pressure and water volume. Always keep a small amount of clean water flowing along the shaft and adjust the packing gland regularly. In addition, it is necessary to check the packing and replace the packing and shaft seal water pressure regularly. The shaft sealing water quantity should meet the shaft seal inspection requirements. This can maintain the shaft seal part of the desulfurization pump, which will extend the service life and ensure the sealing performance.

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