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Wear Repair And Routine Maintenance Of Desulfurization Pumps

Released on Jan. 15, 2019

In order to ensure the efficient operation of the Desulfurization Pump, timely maintenance should be carried out in daily use to repair wear and tear in time. Pay attention to the wear and tear repair standards and specifications of the machine.

1.Construction Conditions. The surface temperature of the substrate must be greater than the dew point temperature of 3℃ during construction, and the relative humidity must be less than 60% to avoid water film on the metal surface.

2.Treatment of areas with severe wear or defects in the TDT Desulfurization Pump. The steel plate of the same quality as or close to the equipment substrate is selected for the skeleton welding of the defect portion.

3.Surface treatment of the repairing part of the desulfurization pump. Remove the rust layer, dust, dirt, oil, grease and moisture on the surface of the equipment to ensure the adhesion of the coating.

Routine maintenance

1.Shaft seal maintenance. The packing shaft seal pump should regularly check the seal water pressure and water volume, and always keep a small amount of water flowing along the shaft.

2.Impeller adjustment. After adjustment, it is necessary to re-check whether the impeller rotation is normal before starting again, whether the bearing assembly compression bolt is tightened, and then start the pump.

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