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How Much Do You Know About Multi-stage Pumps?

Released on May. 24, 2018

The multi-stage pump is a centrifugal pump that combines the water inlet and outlet sections and the middle section and is composed of pull rods. Its output water pressure can be very large, and also depends on the rotation of the impeller to obtain the centrifugal force and thus the material. When the gas density reaches the working range of the mechanical vacuum pump, it is pumped out to gradually obtain a high vacuum. Multi-stage pumps rely on changes in the volume of the pump chamber to achieve suction, compression, and exhaust, so it is a variable volume centrifugal pump. The products include Multi-Stage Centrifugal Pump and Multistage Pipe Pump.

Multi-stage pump features: Single-stage pump refers to the pump with only one impeller, the maximum head is only 125 meters; 2. Multi-stage pump refers to the pump with two or more impellers.

Multistage pumps can be used in many industrial sectors such as petroleum, chemical, machinery, mining, light industry, medicine and food. In many processes of industrial production, such as vacuum filtration, vacuum diversion, vacuum feeding, vacuum evaporation, vacuum concentration, vacuum rejuvenation, and vacuum degassing, multi-stage pumps have been widely used. Can remove flammable, explosive gas, in addition can also remove dust, water containing gas, so the application of water ring pump is increasing.

Multi-stage Pumps

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