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How Dose The Slurry Pump Work?

Released on Jun. 17, 2018

The Slurry Pump that is suitable for transporting liquids (water) containing suspended solids is generally called a slurry pump. At present, it is one of the indispensable equipment in the process flow of benefit and coal preparation plants. 20A-L Slurry Pump can be divided into single-stage/multi-stage, single-suction/double-suction, cantilever, horizontal/vertical, and horizontal/vertical combination of pump housing horizontally according to different principles. As shown in the figure, the basic structure is composed of impeller. , pump casing, pump shaft, bearing and bracket, power also includes electric motor, wheel or belt wheel coupling, wear parts also include liner bushings, seals, including shaft seal, auxiliary impeller, etc. The parts include brackets, etc., but the internal principle is the same. When the impeller rotates quickly, the blades cause the medium to rotate quickly, and the rotating medium flies out of the impeller under the action of centrifugal force. After the medium in the pump is thrown out, the impeller The center part of the vacuum zone is formed, and the medium is pressed into the feed pipe through the pipe network under the atmospheric pressure (or water pressure). With this endless cycle, continuous feed can be achieved to achieve head and flow requirements for process design. Of course, the feed method is currently more press-in type, ie the material level is higher than the feed tube, then the step of watering the interior from the upper water pipe or the pump casing can be subtracted.

Slurry Pump Work

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