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How to repair the heavy wear of the desulfurization pump

Released on Mar. 21, 2018

The desulfurization pump is a kind of pump with corrosion resistance. In the using of the desulfurization pump, there will be more or less friction and wear. If the desulfurization pump has serious wear and tear, how should it be repaired?

Let the surface of the repaired equipment reaching a certain degree of roughness, increase the adhesion between the silicon carbide wear-resistant coating material and the substrate, and remove the rust, dust, booty, oil, grease and moisture content on the surface of the equipment, so as to ensure the bonding force of the coating.

1, Sandblasting treatment: sand blasting compressed air must be oil, dry and no impurities. Oil and water separator must be installed. For no need to repair part, it must be covered up. After blasting, the surface of the equipment reaches 50 micron m~100 m roughness  (Sa3) level.

2, Surface cleaning: use acetone or deoiling cleaner to remove surface grease and sundries. After cleaning, dry air is used to purge, so that acetone or detergent can be volatilized clean.

After the surface treatment is clean, it will be able to be repaired. Brush is used to coat the surface of the SD3000 after being mixed evenly. The coating will finish the subsequent SD7400 coating in 1 hours.

The construction of SD7400 material is also strictly in accordance with the construction rules. After finishing the coating, after the SD7400 material is completely solidified, the place which is not smooth enough on the surface of the coating is polished and the burrs are removed by using the angle grinder and the grinding wheel. The small space is inconvenient to use the part of the corner mill, and the electric grinding head can be used to repair it.

How to repair the heavy wear of the desulfurization pumpHow to repair the heavy wear of the desulfurization pump

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