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What Are The Advantages Of The Horizontal Imposed Circulating Pump?

Released on Mar. 02, 2019

The application of horizontal Imposed Circulating Pumps around us is obvious. They are generally high flow, low lift axial flow pumps. It is suitable for forced circulation system of evaporator in vacuum salt, alumina, phosphoric acid, ammonium phosphate, caustic soda and other industries. It can also be used as a circulation pump for crystallizers and reactors. So the quality of such a product certainly has its advantages.

The advantages of the horizontal forced circulation pump are mainly as follows:

1. The speed is low, the general speed is within 980r/min, and it runs smoothly according to the crystallization process requirements.

2. Excellent hydraulic performance and good anti-cavitation performance.

3. The pump shaft jacket protection device is added in the pump body to ensure the stable operation of the pump, greatly reducing the influence of the medium on the mechanical sealing force and prolonging the service life of the machine seal.

4. The bearing box part is a square long-span heavy-duty structure with good stability, strong carrying capacity and reliable operation.

5. The shaft is advanced, adopting the combination of the auxiliary impeller dynamic seal and the advanced double-end mechanical seal, external cooling and flushing water, improving the working condition of the shaft seal, and the machine seal has a long service life.

The above is the advantage of the horizontal Low Energy Loss Imposed Circulating Pump , in short, it can be effectively applied in various industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, smelting and environmental protection.

Imposed Circulating Pumps

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