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The Role Of Imposed Circulating Pump In Life Production

Released on Mar. 12, 2019

People's needs for life and industry development complement each other and promote industrial innovation and production. Pump equipment is a device that is used more in life and industry, and technological innovation of Imposed Circulating Pump is very important. The forced circulation pump is a pump valve that is used more and has an important role in life production. Some forced circulation pumps cannot keep up with the times, people's needs cannot be met, and innovation and development are needed. The production of forced circulation pump has been continuously improved with the gradual improvement of various equipments and the gradual development of hydropower work. Now the materials used are better corrosion-resistant materials than before, with advanced design, excellent structure, continuous improvement of production, and social compliance. Development trends and people's needs for life. Therefore, the technical innovation of the forced circulation pump is very important.

What are the main advantages of the Low Energy Loss Imposed Circulating Pump ?

1. The speed is low, the general speed is within 980r/min, and it runs smoothly according to the crystallization process requirements.

2, excellent hydraulic performance, efficiency > 70% high efficiency zone width, good anti-cavitation performance.

3. Consider that the flow direction of the pump medium is in the vertical direction and in the horizontal direction. The great influence of the water flow force on the pump shaft adds a pump shaft casing protection device to the pump body. The subduction force of the medium is transferred to the pump body, thereby ensuring the stable operation of the pump, greatly reducing the influence of the medium on the mechanical sealing force and prolonging the service life of the machine seal.

4. The shaft is high-quality, adopting the combination of the auxiliary impeller power seal and the double-end mechanical seal, external cooling and flushing water, improving the working condition of the shaft seal, and the machine seal has a long service life.

Imposed Circulating Pump

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