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Introduction of Mixed Flow Pumps

Released on May. 21, 2018

Mixed-flow pump operation principle

When the prime mover drives the impeller to rotate, the liquid has both centrifugal force and axial thrust. It is a combination of a centrifugal pump and an axial flow pump. The liquid flows obliquely out of the impeller. It is therefore a pump between a centrifugal pump and an axial pump. The specific speed of the mixed flow pump is higher than that of the centrifugal pump and lower than that of the axial flow pump, and is generally between 300-500. Its head is higher than the axial flow pump, but the flow is smaller than the axial flow pump and larger than the centrifugal pump.

Used to transport clean and contaminated media, chemically neutral or aggressive media.

Forced circulation in chemical processes, mariculture, city gas projects, and water treatment systems.

Mixed Flow Pumps

Performance parameters of mixed flow pumps

Flow (Q): up to 20,000 m3/h

Head (H): up to 30m

Working pressure (P): 1.0MPa

Working temperature (t):0°C~+80°C

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