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Product Features Of The Slurry Pump

Released on Jan. 24, 2019

Slurry pump is a kind of machine that is widely used in today. It is the machine that transports mud into the borehole during drilling. Today, Vertical Long Shaft Pump Supplier will introduce some features of the slurry pump

1. It can transport high concentration and high viscosity <10000PaS and suspended slurry containing particles.

2. The conveying liquid flow is stable, no over-current, pulsation and stirring, shearing slurry phenomenon.

3. The discharge pressure is independent of the speed, and the low flow rate can also maintain a high discharge pressure.

4. Light Duty Slurry Pumps run smoothly, with low vibration and noise. The structure is simple, and the disassembly and assembly is convenient.

5. The flow rate is proportional to the speed. The flow adjustment can be realized by the shifting mechanism or the speed regulating motor.

6. Self-priming ability, without the bottom valve can directly pump liquid. The pump can be reversed and the flow of the liquid changes by the direction of rotation of the pump. It is suitable for applications where the pipe needs to be flushed in the opposite direction.

Light Duty Slurry Pumps

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