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Main Aspects Of Antisepsis Of Desulfurization Pumps

Released on Oct. 27, 2018

With the seriousness of environmental pollution, pollution control in our country has intensified. Many enterprises are confronted with the situation that desulfurization is not up to standard. Vertical Long Shaft Pump Supplier briefly introduce that the main equipments in the desulfurization system are absorption tower, flue duct, chimney, desulfurization pump, booster fan and so on. Wet desulfurization technology has strong corrosiveness of medium, high temperature of flue gas treatment, high solid content of SO2 absorption liquid, strong abrasion and installation. It is characterized by large anticorrosion zone, high quality of construction technology, corrosion prevention, failure and maintenance. Therefore, the corrosion control of the device has always been one of the key issues affecting the long period safe operation of the plant.

Anti corrosion of Desulfurization Pumps is mainly in the following aspects:

1. Application of absorption tower and chimney

2, double flow tray corrosion protection

A new double flow tray was installed in a power plant in 2010 when it upgraded the scrubber. Tests in 2011 showed that deep pitting of the base metal occurred beneath the sediment area formed on the lower surface of the tray. Rinse the sediment with high pressure water and change the flow nozzle to control the fouling. The corroded area needs coating protection to prevent further damage. The Ake-20 anticorrosive coating was used to coat the old "bowl" replaced by the tray, and the effect was very good.

3. Flue gas desulfurization and corrosion protection

Develop a new cathodic anticorrosion system that can be used for waste gas treatment in combustion systems or for protection of air pollution control facilities - effective control (current control) of high temperature/extreme acid corrosion environment (150 C, pH-2) thin coating solutions.

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