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What Should You Pay Attention To Mixed Flow Pump?

Released on Jun. 29, 2018

The performance of the Mixed Flow Pump is lower than that of the Single Stage Centrifugal Pump, and the head is lower, while the flow is larger. Compared with the axial flow pump, the head is higher and the flow is smaller. The shape of the performance curve of the mixed-flow pump is also between the centrifugal pump and the axial-flow pump. For the high-head mixed-flow pump, the relationship between flow and head, flow and power is close to that of the centrifugal pump. In use, the valve can be closed. start up.

Three phenomena that must be paid attention to during operation of a mixed-flow pump

1. Whether the impregnation depth of the impeller is sufficient, ie whether the inlet level is too low, so as not to affect the flow, or generate noise.

2. Whether the outer edge of the impeller and the impeller shell are worn, whether there is debris around the blade, and whether the rubber or plastic bearing is overtightened or burned.

3. Whether the fastening bolts are loose or not, and whether the pump shaft and the center of the transmission shaft are the same.

Mixed Flow Pump

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