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The Main Method Of Centrifugal Pump For Water And Exhaust

Released on Aug. 23, 2018

Because the Single-Stage Centrifugal Pump is made by the impeller to press the water in the pump to form a vacuum and enter the water, in addition to the centrifugal pump and the self-priming pump impregnated in the impeller, the pump must be filled with water before each pump is turned on. Commonly known as adding water. There are two ways to fill the water: one is to directly inject water into the pump (the venting hole should be opened to clean the air inside the pump); the second is to pump the gas inside the pump to establish a certain degree of vacuum (this time to close the outlet valve) , the introduction of water sources. The following describes several methods for charging and venting centrifugal pumps by Single Stage Centrifugal Pump Supplier.

1. Install a valve at the inlet and outlet to fill the water. This method is to install a valve in the inlet pipe, and then connect the water pipe to fill the pump with water.

2. Press the pump to fill the water. Some pumps come with a hand pump, and can also be purchased or self-made as a small hand pump. The gate valve must be installed at the water inlet. After shutting down the valve, first fill the water press with a small amount of water to divert water. After the water is pumped out by the hand pump, it means that the pump is full of water and can be turned on.

3. Use vacuum equipment to vent water. The self-venting of the centrifugal pump and the suction of the vacuum pump are the same, so the water-filled vacuum pump is used to achieve the function of charging water.

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