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Reasons For Low Flow And Current Of Centrifugal Pump

Released on Feb. 11, 2019

The technical parameters of Single Stage Centrifugal Pumps are independent of each other. For example, when the head is 70 meters, the flow must be zero, and when the flow is 850, the head must be zero. These are the limit parameters. Let Single Stage Centrifugal Pump Supplier talk about the reasons why the flow and current of centrifugal pumps are small.

Causes of low flow and current in centrifugal pumps:

1. The inlet and outlet pipes and impeller passages of centrifugal pumps are partially blocked and scales are deposited in the pump body. Check pipeline and pump chamber to remove blockage and re-adjust valve size.

2. Low motor voltage. Solution: stabilize voltage.

3. The impeller of centrifugal pump is worn out, or the internal flow passage of the pump leaks seriously. Solution: Replace new impeller or repair volute runner.

4. The leakage of the inlet pipeline of the centrifugal pump causes the centrifugal pump to be in the state of air suction all the time. Check the leak point of the import pipeline to repair the leak hole, tighten the sealing surfaces and remove the air.

5. The centrifugal pump is not filled with liquid and there is air in the pump chamber. Turn off the top cover of the centrifugal pump or open the exhaust valve to discharge air.

6. The flow rate of water supply in the inlet pipeline of centrifugal pump is not enough for the centrifugal pump, or the suction distance is too high. The bottom valve of the inlet pipeline of centrifugal pump is not well sealed. Stop the pump, check, adjust and shorten the suction distance, or replace the self-priming pump.

7. The resistance of the outlet pipeline of the pump is too large, and the pump type selection is inappropriate. Reduce pipe bends. Too many elbows can be fitted with automatic exhaust valves to remove condensation air in pipe bends, or to re-select pumps.

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