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What Is The Reason For The Overcurrent Of Single Stage Double Suction Pump?

Released on Feb. 02, 2019

According to the user's imagination that the Single Stage Double Suction Pump will be overcurrent when it is running, what is the reason for this phenomenon? For this reason, after many discussions with the construction personnel, a series of reasons have been obtained, and now Single Stage Double Suction Pump Supplier will share with you.

Reasons for overcurrent of single stage double suction pump:

1. The high speed of the pump makes the motor run overloaded, which leads to the phenomenon of overcurrent. Relevant measures should be taken to reduce the speed of the double suction pump.

2. The matching power of double suction pump is lower than the actual matching power, which also increases the load of the motor, and replaces the high-power matching motor as soon as possible to reduce the loss.

3. If the bearing appears or the shaft is bent, it should be checked immediately whether the pump shaft and the bearing are malfunctioning, and if there is any, the corresponding replacement should be carried out.

4. The pressure of packing is too tight to adjust and loosen accordingly.

5. In the process of assembling double suction pumps, the gap between pump coupling and motor coupling is too large or they are not concentric, so the pump coupling can be adjusted accordingly.

6. The selected model head is much higher than the actual working condition head, which leads to the phenomenon of overcurrent, which can be adjusted by installing an outlet valve.

7. The long-term shutdown of the motor results in the unstable operation of the motor, which can make the motor run smoothly after a period of time.

When the phenomenon of over-current occurs in double suction pumps, the pump group should be checked immediately and solved in time, so as to ensure that the pump unit will not fail and can operate effectively.

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