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About The Leakage Of The Shaft Seal Of The Slurry Pump

Released on Mar. 18, 2019

About The Leakage Of The Shaft Seal Of The Slurry Pump

1. Packing seal

The most common type of shaft seal for mud pumps from Slurry Pumps Supplier China is packing seal. Good sealing effect can be achieved by using packing seal on the pump or the mud pump conveying light abrasion medium. But the mud pump pumping materials often contain higher hardness of solid particles, easy with the liquid entrainment and intrusion into the packing box (box), which will greatly speed up the wear of the packing, packing lost sealing effect. In order to prevent the rapid wear and tear of the filler, generally choose materials with better wear resistance, such as graphite asbestos, polytetrafluoroethylene asbestos and high pressure shaft seal water seal joint use, but to transport materials have dilution effect, in some slurry transport is limited.

2. Hydrodynamic seal

The fluid power seal and the packing seal form a complete set often use in combination, causes the Slurry Pumps to achieve the better sealing effect. The hydrodynamic seal mainly USES the auxiliary impeller seal and the auxiliary blade seal. The sealing principle of the secondary impeller is to use the centrifugal force generated when the secondary impeller rotates to reduce the pressure at the static and close rhyme. Achieve the sealing effect. The auxiliary blades are respectively located on the front and rear cover plates of the impeller. In addition to acting as a dynamic seal, the auxiliary blade of rear cover plate can also play a role in reducing the axial force. When using the secondary impeller seal, a backflow pressure is required not to exceed 15% of the pump outlet pressure. 3. Mechanical seal in addition to the packing seal and hydrodynamic seal, suitable for the mud pump seal and mechanical seal. Multi-spring single end face, double end face mechanical seal, etc. Mechanical seals are generally complex in structure and require precise adjustment. They are sensitive to the deflection of the shaft and impact load. Failure usually occurs without warning and is sudden. Once mechanical seal failure, must immediately stop replacement. Good design of shaft seal is not only to prevent leakage or improve the sealing conditions, more conducive to the operation of the mud pump stability, mud pump is crucial.

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