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Maintenance Of Slurry Pump Inverter

Released on Nov. 02, 2018

The main problem of inverter maintenance is that it is self-heating and it is easy to accumulate dust, which requires the surrounding environment to meet the standard specifications. The inverter must be checked regularly. When doing regular inspections, turn off the inverter power supply, and wait until the capacitor is discharged (typically 10-30rain, depending on the size of the inverter). The charging indicator is off, and the DC bus voltage is measured by the DC voltage meter ≤25V before the inspection can be started.

First check the heat sink of the inverter to ensure the normal operation of the cooling fan on the inverter and the exhaust fan on the cabinet. Secondly, the airflow of the internal fan of the inverter is from bottom to top. The cold air in the lower part of the cabinet is sucked out and discharged from the upper part of the inverter. Therefore, it will bring a lot of dust to the inverter and easily cause a short circuit. Therefore, it must be periodically dusted and cleaned. Finally, check whether the terminals of the inverter are loose or not, and whether there is overheating or discoloration.

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