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The Difference Between Mud Pump And Slurry Pump

Released on Nov. 15, 2018

Mud pumps and Slurry Pumps are all types of impurity pumps. As a kind of centrifugal pump, the impurity pump is often used in industrial production to transport a slurry containing solid particles. Impurity pumps can also be classified into sand pumps, ash pumps, etc. depending on the medium to be transported. Usually users are confused when choosing a slurry pump and a mud pump, and it is difficult to select. So what is the difference between the two pumps makes the choice of the user difficult?Slurry Pumps Supplier give you a simple analysis.

First, the transport medium is different. The mud pump is the earliest pump type. It is generally made of cast iron and has low wear resistance. As an important part of drilling machinery, it can only be used to transport mud or slurry containing suspended particles. The slurry pump is mainly used in the mining industry. It is used to transport slurry containing slag and can also be used to transport mud. Because the slurry pump is more susceptible to impact, abrasion and corrosion of the slurry during the working process, the slurry pump will be lining resistant. Abrasive materials, such as high-chromium alloys, rubber and other high-abrasion materials, to form a wear-resistant slurry pump. This can effectively reduce the wear inside the slurry pump, so most of the slurry pumps currently used on the market are wear-resistant slurry pumps.

Second, the mud pump needs to be equipped with auxiliary equipment, and the slurry pump is not needed. When the mud pump is working, it is often used in combination with a high-pressure clean water pump. The high-pressure pump delivers clean water larger than the mud pump pressure to the leak-proof packing to protect the packing, otherwise the sealing part is easily worn; and the wear-resistant slurry pump can be used separately. The conveyor work is completed without the need for additional auxiliary equipment.

Finally, the working principle is different. The mud pump is a motor that drives the piston through the linkage mechanism, thereby causing a change in the volume of the sealed chamber in the mud pump, forming a change in the pressure difference between the pump and the outside, thereby completing the water absorption and drainage process; when the wear resistant slurry pump is working, the motor is driven by the motor. The impeller rotates, that is, the impeller works on the slurry to increase the kinetic energy of the slurry. At the same time, the slurry flows to the edge of the impeller due to inertia and is discharged from the discharge pipe at a high speed.

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