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Reasons For Excessive Vibration Of The Slurry Pump Body

Released on Nov. 17, 2018

Analysis of the cause: the Slurry Pump is in operation due to cavitation, surge or improper shaft and bearing, improper combination and installation, resulting in mechanical seals can not be properly sealed, large or abnormal leakage, vibration, sound, etc. It will cause the anti-rotation mechanism to slide, the transmission parts to wear, crack, damage, and the drive shaft will wear too fast, shortening the normal service life of the slurry pump and its mechanical seal.

Measures: 1 Anti Wearenergy Saving Slurry Pump product in the design process, to fully analyze the vibration to eliminate the vibration source; 2 pump product manufacturing assembly process, strictly in accordance with standards and operating procedures to eliminate vibration sources; 3 pumps, motors, bases, field tubes When auxiliary equipment such as roads is installed on site, it must be strictly controlled to eliminate vibration sources; 4 when production, operation, maintenance and adjustment are on-site, strictly control and eliminate vibration sources.

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