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The Draining Of Process Slurry Pump

Released on Nov. 21, 2018

Slurry Pumps Supplier believe that everyone knows about the slurry pump. When using it, it may need to drain oil. Here is the introduction of the oil draining step of the slurry pump:

1. If you want to drain all the oil in the slurry pump box, you can unscrew the oil drain plug in the lower part of the tank and drain the oil. 2. In the short time when the liquid level is lowered, the bearing is lubricated by the oil splashing of the oil and the plunger spring. The oil tank oil filter and the oil filter under the pump are made of 230 mesh/inch copper wire mesh, and the oil filter net should be frequently Wash to prevent clogging. When using, the temperature of the fuel tank should not exceed 60 °C. If necessary, take appropriate measures to cool.

3. When the Slurry Pump is drained, the height of the liquid level should not exceed 30 mm from the top of the tank to ensure the lubrication and cooling of the bearings in the pump. When the working volume of the jack is too large, a separate fuel tank is required to ensure The minimum height of the liquid surface after draining oil is not less than 100 mm to avoid suction.

4. After the first-time operation of the variable speed slurry pump for 500 hours, the oil tank should be changed and the oil tank and oil filter should be cleaned. The oil quality should be tested by visual inspection and laboratory test. When the oil quality deteriorates, the oil should be changed in time. When changing the oil, it must be cleaned at the same time. Fuel tank and oil filter, if there is metal shavings or water in the oil, look for the cause and discharge the fault.

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