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The Selection Of Slurry Pump Casting Charge

Released on Dec. 12, 2018

The choice of Slurry Pumps charge and reasonable batching are very important, directly affecting the casting quality of the slurry pump parts, which is what every Slurry Pumps Supplier must understand!

First, casting carbonization method

Use pure steel, ferrochrome and graphite electrodes to increase carbon, etc., as much as possible without the use of pig iron to increase carbon or less use of pig iron to increase carbon.

Due to the serious heritability of pig iron, it is mainly manifested in gas content, tissue characteristics and some trace harmful elements.

The microstructure and properties of the alloy depend on the microstructure and quality of the raw material, and its original state has a special effect on the microstructure of the alloy melt.

After the re-melting of the large and large primary graphite in the pig iron ingot, the residual graphite elements that have not been melted remain as graphite coarse buds, making the structure coarse.

Some harmful elements such as S, P, etc. cause the alloy to produce a large amount of inclusions and tissue segregation at the grain boundary, which deteriorates the metallurgical quality of the alloy.

In order to reduce production costs, most manufacturers prefer to use pig iron to increase carbon, but must control the supply channels of pig iron, must use the products of regular manufacturers, such as Benxi pig iron, WISCO pig iron.

Second, limit the proportion of recycled materials

Since the riser of the slurry pump casting not only contains more gas, but also has more inclusions, the amount of addition should be controlled.

In general, the proportion of recycled material in the charge should not exceed 30%, and the proportion of the riser in the recycled material should not exceed 60%.

There is a certain solid solubility of the return charge, especially the hydrogen and nitrogen in the riser, and the high chromium content promotes the increase of the solid solubility. The presence of hydrogen and nitrogen will greatly reduce the impact toughness of the material, so the proportion of the return charge must be strictly controlled.

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