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What Are The Precautions For Starting The Slurry Pump?

Released on Dec. 21, 2018

If the Slurry Pump is started properly, many problems may occur if it is used improperly, so be sure to know the relevant precautions when starting the pump.

The precautions for starting the slurry pump are as follows:

1. Before the slurry pump is started, it is necessary to check the attached device of the mechanical seal, and whether the cooling and lubrication system is perfect.

Second, the material pipe slurry pump line should be cleaned to prevent rust impurities from entering the sealed cavity.

3. Move the coupling with the hand to check whether the shaft rotates easily. If the disk is very heavy, the slurry pump needs to check whether the size of the pump is correct.

4. Static pressure test is required to check the sealing effect of the end face of the mechanical seal, the seal ring and the seal end cover. If there is any problem, check one by one.

5. Before starting the slurry pump, the medium filled with liquid or sealed should be kept in the sealed chamber of the slurry pump. If a separate sealing system is started, the cooling water system must also start circulating.

6. Perform normal pressure operation first, observe whether the temperature rise of the slurry pump position in the seal is normal, and whether there is leakage. If there is a slight leak, it can run for a period of time, so that the end surface fits more evenly, and the leakage gradually decreases. Until normal, if the operation is 1-3 hours, the leakage will not decrease, then you need to stop the inspection.

Seventh, the boosting temperature can be slowly carried out separately, and pay attention to the temperature rise and leakage of the end face.

If everything is normal, the instructions can be put into production.

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