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Operation Details Of The Slurry Pump

Released on Jan. 21, 2019

When the Suction Centrifugal Pump is working, the pump needs to be placed on the land, the suction pipe is placed in the water, and the pump needs to be started. Due to the structural constraints of the mud pump and the submerged slurry pump, the motor needs to be placed above the water surface during operation, and the pump is placed in the water, so it must be fixed. Otherwise, the motor will fall into the water and the motor will be scrapped. 

When the Slurry Pump processes a slurry with more foreign particles, for example, to remove mud, a filter can be placed at the water inlet, which can reduce the impurity particles entering the pump body, reduce the probability of the pump, and prolong the slurry pump service life.

The use time of the slurry pump should not be too long. If there is a spare pump, it is best to work in the form of a rotating operation.

During the working process of the slurry pump, the pump body should be placed on the ground to keep the pump body stable. If it is a slurry pump such as a mud pump or a submerged slurry pump that needs to work underwater, it is limited by its structure. The pump must be placed in the water. At this time, the motor should be placed on the water surface and fixed, and the slurry pump should be kept stable.

Some of the slurry pumps use mechanical seals. The use of such slurry pumps must ensure the supply of shaft seal water, and it is strictly prohibited to operate in the absence of water to avoid the burning of mechanical seals due to dry grinding.

Slurry Pump

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