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Application Of Slurry Pump In Chemical Industry

Released on Jan. 21, 2019

In the actual production and operation process of the chemical industry, there will be many cases where it is necessary to transport corrosive solid-liquid mixed slurry media. As the chemical industry continues to grow and develop, the demand and requirements for corrosion-resistant Slurry Pumps are also Constantly increasing.

As one of the widely used pump bodies in industrial applications, slurry pumps are mainly used to transport solid-liquid mixtures containing corrosive and hard particles. Because its application in the industrial field is mainly concentrated in the metallurgical, chemical and other industries, in the process of work, it is often in a very harsh environment, such as strong tailings with strong abrasiveness, chemical agents with strong corrosiveness, etc. Very harsh, prone to severe abrasive wear, erosion wear and surface flaking, resulting in early failure and short service life.

In view of the current research and application status of the material of the slurry pump over-flow component, some existing Slurry Pump Suppliers adopt high-chromium cast iron as the research object, and synthesize the cladding layer structure with excellent comprehensive performance through the laser surface to reach the extended slurry pump overcurrent. The purpose of the component's service life.

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