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Where Can The Mine Use A Slurry Pump?

Released on Mar. 05, 2019

The Slurry Pump is generally applied to the washing and selecting of coal and metal ore, and is used for conveying slurry containing particulate matter, such as coal slurry and slurry. The slurry pump plays an important role in the process of mine washing.

Slurry pump used in tailings treatment

Tailings facilities generally include tailings storage systems, tailings conveying systems, return water systems, and tailings purification systems. The tailings storage system is the main body of the tailings facility, and the tailings pond and tailings dam are its main structures.

Application of slurry pump in coal preparation plant

1. The medium transported by the coal preparation plant is mostly coal slurry water or coal slurry water slurry containing magnetite powder. Therefore, the requirements of the slurry pump for the coal preparation plant are as follows:

(1) It is wearable, durable and reliable.

(2) The shaft seal is reliable and there is no water leakage.

(3) The filter press has special requirements for the slurry pump: the filter press needs low lift and large flow when starting work; high lift and small flow are required at the later stage of work, that is, the steeper the curve of flow and lift is required, the better.

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