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How To Reduce The Wear Of The Slurry Pump?

Released on Mar. 08, 2019

Reducing the wear measures of the slurry pump, prolonging the service life of the slurry pump and improving the product quality are the goals pursued by the China Slurry Pumps Factory . So how to do it, what to do, share it for everyone today, we believe that only good quality can win the market.

As an important equipment in the industry, and the cost is high, it is very necessary to take effective measures to reduce its wear and reduce the wear of the slurry pump, from the design and production of the slurry pump to the production of the Slurry Pump . In the application, there are problems and requirements that should be paid attention to. In summary, there are roughly the following points:

First, improve the structure of the slurry pump

The reasonable parameters are adopted to design the slurry pump structure, and the selection of the blade inlet diameter D has a great influence on the wear capacity and efficiency.

Second, pay attention to the choice of slurry pump materials

The choice of pump material, in principle, the stronger the wear resistance, the better the material, but when choosing the wear-resistant material, economic and environmental factors should also be taken into account, and the wear-resistant material should be selected on the basis of comprehensive consideration. .

Third, select the appropriate slurry pump manufacturing process

The correct choice of manufacturing process during the manufacture of the slurry pump can also reduce pump wear to some extent. The roughness of the part has a great influence on the speed of wear. If the economic conditions permit, the roughness of the part should be reduced as much as possible. In the heat treatment process, the wear resistance must also be considered.

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