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Stainless Steel Pump Selection And Installation Method

Released on Apr. 02, 2019

Stainless steel pump selection and installation method

Stainless steel pump application now widely in particular, in the light of the different nature of the medium can be divided into the acid, alkali pump, fresh water pump, Slurry Pump, etc. As a result of the stainless steel pump transport medium temperature and pressure, should be how to effectively extend the use of stainless steel pump cycle, decrease maintenance this has great effect to improve the economic benefits of the factory. Let's share how to extend the use of stainless steel pump cycle.

One,selection and installation of stainless steel pump

Stainless steel pumps shall be selected in accordance with the delivered liquid and checked the required performance, analysis of suction, discharge conditions, is intermittent or continuous operation, etc. Usually should be in or close to the manufacturer's design of the pressure and flow conditions of operation.

                                           Slurry Pump

1. The size, position and elevation of the stainless steel pump foundation shall meet the design requirements. The anchor bolts shall be properly and correctly fixed in the concrete foundation.

2. According to the characteristics of the pump medium, it is necessary to check the main parts, shaft seals and gasket material;

3. The leveling and alignment of the pump shall be in accordance with the provisions of the equipment technical documents, and in the absence of such provisions, the pump shall comply with the provisions of the current national standard "general code for construction and acceptance of mechanical equipment installation engineering";

4. The installation of all pipelines and fittings connected with the pump body and the cleaning requirements of lubricating oil pipelines shall comply with relevant national standards.

Two, the use of stainless steel pump

The test run of the stainless steel pump supplied from Slurry Pumps Supplier China shall meet the following requirements:

1.Driving machine steering and pump steering should be the same;

2. Find out the steering of pipeline pump and coaxial pump;

3. The fixed connection parts shall be free from looseness, and the specifications and quantity of lubricants for each lubrication part shall comply with the provisions of the equipment technical documents;

4. The parts with pre-lubrication requirements shall be pre-lubricated as required;

5. The safety protection device of each indicating instrument should be sensitive, accurate and reliable;

6. Turning should be flexible and no abnormal phenomenon;

7. The high temperature pump should be preheated before the test run;

8. A connection device to eliminate the influence of temperature rise is set to provide cooling water source.

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