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How To Choose The Type Of Pump In The Following Cases?

Released on Mar. 28, 2019

How to choose the type of pump in the following cases?

1.Which pump should be chosen for conveying acidic water containing solid particles?

Q: we need to transport the medium is a bit corrosive (acidic water), which contains about 20% of the solid particles, want to choose a corrosion resistance and wear pump?

A: if the corrosion is not very strong, you can choose uhb-zk series anti-corrosion and wear-resisting mortar pump, its internal flow components are all made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene with good anti-corrosion and wear resistance, which can transport corrosive medium with solid content not more than 40%, and has a long service life and simple maintenance.

If the corrosion is very strong, it should be selected fluoroplastic centrifugal pump, matching corrosion resistance wear-resisting machine seal.

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2.Our medium is very hot and corrosive. What kind of pump should we use?

Q: we need to transport the medium temperature is very high (about 140 degrees), strong corrosion (glacial acetic acid), we want to choose a good pump without leakage, corrosion resistance, what pump should be chosen?

A: it is recommended to use PTFE TEFLON Lined Pump, the specific material is: the pump shell is made of fluoroplastic alloy (F4/F46), the impeller, isolation sleeve and other parts are made of PFA (soluble polytetrafluoroethylene), the temperature can be up to 180 degrees, and the corrosion resistance is good.

3 .Conveying medium is highly corrosive, which pump should be chosen?

Q: we need to convey the medium for the aqua, room temperature, which pump to choose?

A: fluoroplastic pump is recommended. Fluoroplastic is one of the best materials for corrosion resistance.

4.Conveying medium corrosive a little bit, which pump should be chosen?

Q: we need to transport the medium for the concentration of 30% hydrofluoric acid, the temperature of 40 degrees or so, which pump?

A: Desulfurization Pumps can be selected. The medium range of engineering plastic pump is as follows:

If the medium in the table above can be found available, the following types of engineering plastic pump are listed:

(1) CQB engineering plastic magnetic pump

(2)UHB engineering plastic centrifugal pump

(3) QBY engineering plastic pneumatic diaphragm pump

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