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Slurry Pump Operating Procedures

Released on Jul. 22, 2018

The 50B-L Slurry Pump must follow the operating procedures when operating. The following precautions are provided by the Vertical Long Shaft Pump Supplier.

1. Check before starting: The connection parts should be tightened; the direction of electric rotation should be correct; the clutch is flexible and reliable; the pipeline connection is firm, the seal is reliable, and the bottom valve is flexible and effective.

2. Before the submerged mud pump is started, the suction pipe, the bottom valve and the pump body must be filled with water, and the upper end of the pressure gauge buffer is filled with oil.

3. Rotate by hand to make the piston reciprocate twice. If there is no obstruction and the line insulation is good, it can be started without load. After starting, the load will be gradually increased after the operation is normal.

4. Pay attention to the sealing condition of each sealing device during operation and adjust if necessary. Pull rods and auxiliary rods should always be lubricated with oil.

5. The mud content of the mud that is often tested during operation shall not exceed 10%.

6. The mud pump with several speeds is to make the splash lubrication reliable. It should run several speeds in each shift, the time is not less than 30 seconds.

7. It is strictly forbidden to shift gears during operation. When shifting is required, the pump should be stopped.

50B-L Slurry Pump

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