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The Causes And Solutions Of The Common Failure Of Slurry Pumps

Released on Apr. 16, 2019

The Causes And Solutions Of The Common Failure Of Slurry Pumps

Following shared by Slurry Pumps Supplier China.

1. Fault: abnormal sound in the centrifugal pump, no water pumping.

Reason: suction pipe resistance is too large. Excessive suction height. Air enters the suction pipe. The temperature of the drain is too high.

Solution: check whether the suction pipe is blocked. Clean bottom valve and lower liquid temperature or suction height.

2. Fault: pump vibration

Reason: pump shaft and motor shaft are different. Impeller unbalance. Bearing clearance too large.

Solution: adjust the pump and motor so that the axis alignment. Impeller through the balance test, the unbalanced weight requirements in about 3 grams. Replace the bearing.

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3. Fault: centrifugal pump bearing heating

Reason: bearing lack of oil or oil viscosity too big impact on lubrication. Bearing wear clearance is too large. The pump is different from the motor.

Solution: go for it. Change oil or oil with low viscosity. Replace the bearing. Adjust pump and motor to ensure concentric.

4. Fault: the centrifugal pump is noisy

Reason: centrifugal pump and motor installation of different core. Centrifugal pump or motor bearing wear, produce runout.

Solution: adjust the centrifugal pump and motor to ensure concentric. Replace the bearing.

5. Fault: the Slurry Pump does not absorb water, and the pressure gauge beats violently.

Reason: insufficient water infusion. There is air in the pump. Leakage from suction and gauge pipes.

Solution: fill in enough water. Check the pipeline to eliminate air leakage.

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