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The Important Role Of Pouring Temperature For Slurry Pumps

Released on Sep. 18, 2018

The Slurry Pumps casting plays a decisive role in the quality of the slurry pump. The control of the slurry pump pouring temperature is especially important for the slurry pump casting process. The accuracy of the slurry pump casting temperature is reflected in the production technology level of a Slurry Pump Manufacturer.

I. Overview

1. The liquidus temperature of the alloy is between 1230-1270 °C in the range of commonly used components of high chromium cast iron.

2. In order to make the molten iron cast in the mold, the melting temperature of the molten iron should generally be higher than the liquidus temperature of 250-300 °C.

3. The pouring temperature of high chromium castings has an effect on the interior of the casting and the appearance quality.

Second, improper pouring temperature consequences

1. The casting temperature is too low, and the castings are prone to defects such as cold separation, shrinkage, slag inclusion and pores.

2. If the pouring temperature is too high, it will easily cause hot cracking defects, and the casting will be solidified slowly, the carbide will be coarser and the eutectic structure will be coarser, resulting in the anti-wearing ability and mechanical properties of the high-chromium cast iron.

Third, the pouring temperature determination method

The effect of casting temperature on carbide size is particularly evident in thick-walled castings.

The pouring temperature depends on the composition of the high chromium cast iron and the thickness of the casting

Considering the filling ability of molten iron, for near-eutectic composition, thick tantalum castings larger than 30mm, the pouring temperature should be higher than the liquidus temperature of 160-200 °C.

For thick-walled castings with a far eutectic composition >30 mm, the casting temperature should be 150-180 °C above the liquidus temperature.

For castings with a wall thickness of 20-30 mm, the pouring temperature should be increased by 20-40 °C.

For thin-walled parts with a wall thickness of 15 mm or less, the pouring temperature should be increased by 40-60 °C.

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