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Basic Performance Parameters Of Slurry Pumps

Released on Mar. 25, 2019

Basic performance parameters of Slurry Pumps:

(1) Theoretical displacement of the Slurry Pumps

The volume of medium discharged in unit time of the pump is called the theoretical average displacement of the pump, referred to as the theoretical displacement of the pump, represented by Q.

(2) Working pressure of the pump

Usually refers to the unit area at the pump outlet by the liquid force, referred to as the pump pressure, with p.

(3) Rated power and efficiency of the Vertical Cantilever Slurry Pump

Unit time power machine transfer to the pump shaft energy, known as the pump input power; The input power when the pump works and the rated stroke is called the rated power of the pump, represented by N;

The energy added by the liquid after the action of the pump in unit time is called the effective power, also known as the water power, which is expressed by Nr. The efficiency of the pump is the ratio of the effective power to the input power.

(4)Impulse times

Also known as pump impact, refers to the number of reciprocating piston in unit time, expressed as n.

Slurry Pumps

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