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What corrosion does the pump have? How to prevent the pump from being corroded?(part 1)

Released on Apr. 26, 2019

What corrosion does the pump have? How to prevent the pump from being corroded?

No matter what centrifugal pump, Slurry Pumps Supplier China shares that in the use of the process will produce corrosion phenomenon? Such as stainless steel pump, fluorine plastic pump, cast iron pump. We can not 100% guarantee that the pump is not corrosion, only to reduce the degree of corrosion. So what kind of corrosion does the pump have? How to prevent it?

(1) wear corrosion: refers to the erosion corrosion of the metal surface by high-speed fluid. Fluid erosion corrosion is different from that caused by solid particles in the medium. Pump in operation will produce wear, so we should try to use good wear resistance material, in order to reduce its wear corrosion. Of course, different materials have different resistance to wear and corrosion.

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(2) electrochemical corrosion: electrochemical corrosion refers to the electrochemical process in which the contact surface of dissimilar metals forms a battery due to the difference of electrode potential between metals, thus leading to corrosion of anode metals. The first is to protect the cathode metal by sacrificial anode. The second is the best pump runner using the same metal materials.

(3) intergranular corrosion: intergranular corrosion is a local corrosion, mainly refers to the phenomenon of chromium carbide precipitation between the stainless steel grains. Intergranular corrosion is extremely corrosive to stainless steel materials. Measures to prevent intergranular corrosion are: annealing stainless steel, or ultra-low carbon stainless steel (C<0). 03%).

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