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Matters Needing Attention Before Using Submersible Deep Well Pump

Released on Oct. 16, 2018

When you select and use Submersible Deep Well Pump, please read the instructions carefully.

Before using submersible pumps, brief inspection and attention are given below.

(1) well diameter inspection:

Before installation, the inner diameter of the inspection well is in line with the requirements of the unit dimensions.

(2) check the liquid and insulation resistance in the submersible motor chamber.

Check whether the submersible motor cavity has been filled with distilled water or clean water according to the regulations, water injection must be careful to prevent false full, if not found to be full, must be filled.

The lead-out cable of submersible motor must be used to measure the insulation resistance of the winding to the casing of the submersible motor by 500 volt Megohmeter before connecting the matching cable. The value should not be lower than the requirement of 150M_.

(3) installation dimensions of inspection machines and pumps

When the submersible pump and the submersible motor need to be assembled on site, it is necessary to check the matching size of the submersible motor and the submersible pump, strictly control the channeling of the submersible pump (generally around 1-2 mm), and require that the submersible pump be discharged at the coupling to rotate evenly without sticking phenomenon.

(4) check the joint insulation and sealing treatment of power cables.

Before the submersible pump goes down the well, when the submersible motor leads the cable and the matching power cable are connected, the cable joint must be reliably sealed, and the cores of each phase must not cross each other.

(5) check the conditions of submersible pump (according to the instructions) Page requirements)

(6) electrical protection device for submersible pump in inspection wells

When the submersible pump is started for the first time (less frequently) or the power grid capacity is small, it is better to use the buck start. The capacity of the submersible pump control cabinet should correspond to the power of the submersible motor. If the customer makes up the control cabinet by himself, the control cabinet must be equipped with protection devices such as short circuit, missing phase, over current and delayed tripping, so as to ensure the safe operation of the submersible pump. The interval between each start-up of the submersible pump is at least 20 minutes.

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